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The digital revolution is giving rise to a disruptive energy that impacts the paradigm of consumerism as we know it. This has a far-reaching effect on all industries, brands and products. The way in which we live and organize our lives - how we live, work and consume - is all changing at an exponential speed. In future, the physical Point of Sale will no longer exist as we know it. It’s about to transform into a Point of Experience and thus, the most powerful media channel which allows to successfully market brand and products.

Companies are challenged to smooth the boundaries between offline & online and to create this seamless brand, product and  service experience™. To manage this experience, our areas of competence are networked in a focused manner. This is where we excel with many years of know-how and expertise. LIGANOVA stands for sales-effective, cross-linked brand communication at the cutting edge. We live and breathe the zeitgeist and are moved by aesthetic sensitivity.

In future, the sole reason for the Point of Sale’s existence will be to transform into the Point of Experience
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