BrandRetail OS

the operating system that runs your entire campaign end to end

BrandRetail OS not only delivers greater transparency for all those involved in a POS campaign but also provides intelligent standardization of individual workflows to run comprehensive and complex campaigns. The system provides an overview of all campaigns, monitors budgets and costs, handles quality assurance, and enables all those involved to communicate across different projects.


BrandRetail OS was designed and developed by Liganova experts in the last few years. It is based on over 20 years of experience in managing campaigns for clients all over the world.


The first cloud-based software to manage complex Point of Sale campaigns

The consistent implementation of a purely cloud-based architecture, supported by Amazon Web Services, gives users access to all data anytime and anywhere. The software suite is composed of different apps and therefore delivers maximum felxibility.

More about BrandRetail OS
With this cloud-based software core manual processes can be digitally coordinated and carried out, while the management has complete transparency on what is happening in each store and region.
Daniel Kellmereit
Daniel Kellmereit
Managing Director LIGANOVA USA