From print to online

With LIGAscan, printmedia can be extended with digital experiences: By scanning printed motives, videos or images become visible as additional information.

The LIGAscan shows the huge options for using this innovative product for sales effective brand communication. Product information at point of sale, in catalogues or showrooms can be added with information to provide a real experience of brand and its products.

How it works

•    Click the start button

•    Point the scanner 30-50cm above the relevant picture.

•    Focus so that only one subject can be seen in the viewfinder.

•    More information in the form of images or videos are immediately visible.

•    Swipe left to right and scroll through the slide shows.

•    Close full-size view using the tab in the image, then click on „finish".

•    New theme - simply hold the scanner on a different picture.

KARL LAGERFELD - store opening London

Get the App at iTunes Store and be ready to experience LIGAscan.