Beyond Retail

The world is changing in a blink of an eye – It’s time for the transformation

In a world where distances become irrelevant and everybody is connected on a global level, the world changes in the blink of an eye. The gap between physical and digital is closing. It’s time to perceive the digital pulse, to rethink the system and reinvent the concept of retail. It’s time for the transformation from the Point of Sale to the Point of Experience.

LIGANOVA cooperates with HANDELSBLATT to presents the premiere of BeyondRetail, our future platform at our BrandRetail Space in Stuttgart. We bought together the most inspirational and forward-thinking personalities from different industries –

and beyond. In its first edition, BeyondRetail was an exclusive by-invitation-only event, that puts the future questions of retailing in focus: Trend insights? Rethinking business? A mindset shift fostering human interaction? Design a future you want to live in? Technology driven innovations? Point of Experience? Mixed Realities? New role of spaces? Inspiring speakers and global influencers shared their insights on these questions and fused together to a unique community for one day.

Step inside and get exclusive insights from the community - what is next?

MR, AI, TOT... Which of these technologies is most important to the future of customer experiences in your opinion? Or will they merge together? What’s next?


Impressions from Beyond Retail and this years LIGAmarket